Physical Therapy for Your Child

Madhura Gurjar
Madhura Gurjar Physical Therapist at AHS

PT can help a wide range of conditions your child may encounter!

When we think of physical therapy (PT), we often have an image of an injured young adult recovering from an athletic injury or maybe an elderly person receiving treatment for age-related aches and pains. But did you know that physical therapists can play a vital role in helping young children as well?

PT can help a wide range of conditions your child may encounter. Parents often are the first ones to notice when their child cannot keep up with their peers. Developmental delay is a common occurrence. In fact, 1 in 4 children through the age of 5 are at risk for some form of developmental delay whether with speech, fine motor or gross motor tasks. Your child may have poor balance and stumble often when running or have difficulty with certain tasks like pulling themselves up to sit. Once a pediatrician rules out any serious causes or underlying conditions that need to be addressed first, your child can get the help from PT to improve their strength, coordination, mobility, and balance to help your child navigate his world without difficulty.


PT can also help well-developed children. Though children may heal more quickly than older adults, they are not immune to overuse injuries affecting their developing tendons, bones, or ligaments from early sport specialization. These injuries may occur if a child performs year-long (at least 8 months) of repetitive movements like kicking or throwing a ball especially with the same arm or leg. Your PT at Allied Health Solutions can teach both you and your child different strategies to help make your child a healthy, well-rounded athlete.


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