Do our bodies get used to exercise?

Madhura Gurjar
Madhura Gurjar Physical Therapist at AHS

Do you feel like no matter how much you exercise, you cannot see any changes?

Well, you are not alone! Turns out, our body gets used to the same exercise routine.

Our muscles get used to the same type of exercise. We can adapt to the same exercise routine within a few weeks and not burn enough calories.

Here are some of the things you can do to improve:

1. Interval training

No matter what type of exercise routine you perform, you can incorporate interval training. For ex. 10 squats, followed by 10 push-ups, followed by 10 jumping jacks or instead of running at the same speed for 20 minutes, jog for 4 minutes followed by a 1 minute sprint and repeat it 4 times.

2. Increase weight and decrease reps

The ACSM recommends one to three sets of eight to 12 reps when it comes to strength training. When that becomes easy, you can up the weight by 5 to 10 percent. This way, you can still perform the same exercises, but see better results and not get bored! In other words, push yourself!

3. Variety

To best tackle this issue, make short term and long term goals. For example, break down goals into different categories such as 1 year goals, 6 months goals, and 1 month goals. Then make periodic assessments. These goals could be changed at any time in order to adapt to injuries, fast/slow progress. Having a workout log is also a good idea.

Physical Therapists at Allied Health Solutions can help you through your injuries/ aches and pains, to reach your fitness goals. We can train you for your first 5K or help you achieve your PR on your next 10 miler!

We also have unique exercise plans to help you return to your pre-injury level of activity.

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