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Preventing Slips and Falls this winter

As the temperature begins to decrease inversely, the frequency of snow and ice formation increase! Because of this, there is a positive relationship between ice formation and incidences of slips and falls which could cause serious injury. We can not exactly control the weather but we can dictate means of preventing slips and falls. Here are some tips to follow when heading out this winter season!

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Tape looks cool but what does it do?

Taping for injuries has a long history, but it has really evolved over the past few decades. While in the past taping had been used to prevent movement in the hopes to limit pain, kinesiogy tape is now more widely used to reduce pain while allowing maximum range of motion.

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Why post workout recovery matters

I always find myself better at keeping up with exercise in the summer than the winter. Whenever you workout you always want to make sure you are doing it safely and helping to build yourself up rather than run yourself down. Here are some tips for a healthy workout recovery!

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Dry Needling

We now offer Dry Needling as one of the tools towards your recovery. It is highly beneficial for pain relief, scar tissue remodeling, improving mobility in acute as well as chronic injuries.

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Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke?

As the summer season has set in and the weather has warmed, many people are moving their activities outside. Whether it is a sporting event or a picnic with friends- being outside in the hot temperatures can take a toll on your body.

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