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Therapy and Concussion management

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that occurs when the brain is violently shaken. Typically the injury occurs during rapid movement changes such as whiplash or a direct hit to the head(2). This shaking or hitting of the head causes unpredictable injury to various areas of the brain. The damage sustained from a concussion may not just be physical but can also cause alteration in the chemical balance in the brain. This alteration can cause behavioral issues. The complications from concussions range from short-term to long-term. The CDC estimates that 1.6 million to 3.8 million people experience concussions during sports and recreational activities annually in the United States alone(2)

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Developmental Delays

There is no doubt that it can be very scary and disheartening to find out that your child may have a developmental delay but it is very important to remember that there are treatment approaches and options to choose from. At Allied Health Solutions we understand your concerns but before you start to worry, it is important to know what exactly a developmental delay is.

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Resistance bands

If you have had a physical therapy session with us, chances are you have used a Thera-Band®. Thera-Band loops or commonly known by their generic term “resistance bands” are thick elastic bands that provide a way to strengthen muscles in practically any setting. Be it at home, at your PT session, or even at work while you’re on break. They come in all colors,types, and densities. The colors of the Thera-Band are the identifiers of the density. These colors are ordered in a progressive fashion and are as follows: tan,yellow,red,green,blue, black, silver, and gold. It is also good to mention that the bands are made out of latex rubber however for those who are allergic to latex, non latex versions are also available.

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Kinesiology Tape

As of 2021 there are over 50 different brands of Kinesiology tape available on the market(2). Kinesiology tape or kinesio Tex tape, was developed in the 1970’s by Dr. Kenzo Kase a Japanese Chiropractor. The goal behind the development of kinesiology tape was to create something that when strategically placed on the body can provide support, lessen pain, reduce swelling, and improve overall performance without limiting overall movement the way traditional athletic tapes do.

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Trigger Finger

Do you experience pain, Stiffness, and a sensation of “locking” when you flex(bend) or straighten(extend) your finger? If so, you may be experiencing the common symptoms of “trigger finger”. Trigger finger or “stenosing tenosynovitis” is a common, but most importantly treatable, problem. Trigger finger can occur not only in your fingers but also your thumb which is known as “trigger thumb”.

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Is stretching before exercise necessary?

Stretching, It is revered as one of the most important parts of working but how important is stretching and is it truly necessary? Not too long ago static stretching before performing any strenuous exercise was an essential routine that had to be done before any major event. The reasoning behind static stretching was to avoid a debilitating muscle pull or tear. Recent studies are now coming out to caution people away from static stretching before working out. What some of these studies are suggesting is that static stretching actually impedes your body’s performance rather than increasing it.

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Is it muscle soreness or pain?

At Allied Health Solutions we help many individuals identify and overcome their pain. In particular our athletic population is far more accustomed to soreness and are well aware of the difference but in some cases our general population have a hard time differentiating the two. Fortunately there are some key characteristics that make it easy for us to distinguish the two.

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Osteoarthritis and physical therapy

In a previous blog we reviewed a study that showed physical therapy as being more effective than glucocorticoid injections in individuals suffering with knee osteoarthritis(OA).(may post link to article here). An estimated 27 million Americans have some form of OA according to the centers for disease control and prevention, 1 in 2 people in the United States may develop knee OA by the age of 85(1). 1 in 4 may develop hip OA in their lifetime.

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How Physical Therapy Can Help With Headaches

Headaches, we have all had one at some point in our lives some worse than others. About 47 % of the global population suffer from some form of headache(1). In 2007, 1.5-7% of visits to a primary care physician in North America were to address headaches (2). At the age of 40, one report noted 70-80% of females and 60% of males report experiencing headaches in the US (2). For the most part headaches can be harmless and can resolve themselves with some rest. In some cases an individual may experience frequent moderate to severe headaches which can impact their overall quality of life. Headaches come in many different variations some of which are listed below.

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Preventing Injury While Shoveling Snow

As we get deeper into the winter season we are beginning to cross paths with snow. Most either love it or hate it. Many can agree that although snow looks beautiful, Cleaning up after can be a total drag especially shoveling the driveway. One study found that there are an average of 11,500 injuries and

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