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PT for Postponed Procedures

In an effort to reserve and distribute personnel and equipment for severely ill patients, hospitals around the United States have opted to postpone many elective surgeries. Several orthopedic conditions can be treated with physical therapy to help alleviate painful symptoms until your surgery is rescheduled.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

The carpal tunnel is a small fibrous canal running down the palm side of the wrist. It protects the tendons of the fingers and thumb along with the median nerve that runs through the carpal tunnel. CTS is a condition in which the median nerve has been compressed or pinched, which can lead to weakness and numbness in the hand and/or fingers.

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Ready to Run

No matter what your reason for returning is, getting into running after a break can be challenging. But with some modified tips from Verywell Fit, we’ve provided some foolproof steps to help you ease back into running successfully, and without injury.

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Physical Therapy for Your Child

When we think of physical therapy (PT), we often have an image of an injured young adult recovering from an athletic injury or maybe an elderly person receiving treatment for age-related aches and pains. But did you know that physical therapists can play a vital role in helping young children as well?

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Selecting Supportive Shoes

Our Therapists at Allied Health Solutions commonly treat foot and ankle injuries, and are skilled at gait analysis, and examining orthotics, running and/or daily-wear shoes. We hope to share some suggestions for selecting the right shoes.

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